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Koncerty Hammilla w 2024

Zaczęty przez ceizurac, 16 Lipiec 2024, 14:51:14

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There's the thing, hold it close.
You had your fling. You laid your ghosts.

Time to leave, close the door.
You can't believe you wanted more,
more or less, al for the best
in the end it's al behind you.

There's the thing, for all you know
it's time to let go.

Sebastian Winter

może coś się ruszy z Hammillem w tym roku- tylko czemu znowu Italia? ewentualnie Japonia...
What can I say when, in some obscure way,
I am my own direction?


Giovedì 14 novembre 2024
Roma, Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone – via Pietro de Coubertin, 30
Biglietti disponibili su Ticketone.
Posto numerato: € 30,00 + prev.
Sabato 16 novembre 2024
Napoli, Museo di Donnaregina – largo Donnaregina
Biglietti disponibili su Ticketone.
Primo settore numerato: € 40,00 + prev.
Secondo settore numerato: € 30,00 + prev.
Terzo settore numerato: € 20,00 + prev.
Lunedì 18 novembre 2024
Milano, Teatro Elfo Puccini – corso Buenos Aires, 33
Inizio concerti h. 21:00
Biglietti disponibili su Ticketone.
Posto numerato: € 30,00 + prev.
Mercoledì 20 novembre 2024
Firenze, Teatro Puccini – via delle Cascine, 41
Biglietti disponibili su Ticketone.
Platea: € 30,00 + prev.
Giovedì 21 novembre 2024
Padova, Sala dei Giganti / Palazzo Liviano – piazza Capitaniato, 7
Biglietti disponibili su Ticketone e Ticketmaster.
Posto unico a sedere: € 30,00 + prev.
There is so much sorrow in the world,
there is so much emptiness and heartbreak and pain.
Somewhere on the road we have all taken a wrong turn...
how can we build the right path again?

Sebastian Winter

Peter potwierdził koncerty na platformie X i na sofasound.com:

"At long last I'm going to be doing some (solo) shows in Italy later this year.
Details are now up at http://sofasound.com"

"At this stage of life it's unlikely that I'm going to head out on long tours any more. But that doesn't mean that I've given up on the idea of playing live.
I'm therefore happy to announce that I'll be doing five shows in Italy in November. Dates and ticket links are now up at touring"

w takim razie większych tras już chyba nie będzie...
What can I say when, in some obscure way,
I am my own direction?