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70 urodziny Hammilla

Zaczęty przez Sebastian Winter, 31 Marzec 2018, 10:32:35

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Sebastian Winter

Administrator Hammillowskiego fan page'a planuje zbiórkę na prezent dla PH z okazji 70 urodzin- wklejam tutaj tekst tej odezwy- myślę ze tłumaczenie nie jest tutaj niezbedne:

"I am the administrator of the Facebook Peter Hammill fan page, and part of other groups as well, but above all a hardcore fan of PH and his band Van Der Graaf Generator. There is not only the 70th birthday but also the 50th anniversary of PH's career, so a very unique year for artist and fans. To celebrate these special events, I thought of something unique as well, namely giving PH a guitar but not an ordinary one from mass production. No, a handmade acoustic guitar from builder Nunzio Verdinero, who will build a customized version of the model ,, Saie" The design from this model was created by Ralf Martens and the used materials are the very best known by men. A very ambitious project , I agree but worth of our man's unique year, as this will never come again. Of course I can't do this with your help. The guitar cost normally 5200 Euro, but Nunzio who is a PH fan himself contributes with 1800 Euro, this is mainly his working time. I have to collect 3400 Euro + 10% for the GoFundMe people who made it possible. Everyone is free to participate or not, with whatever amount, this means all will be appreciated with love and respect. For example there are more than 9000 regular visitors of my PH Facebook page, not to mention other fans in other groups. So if all spend up just 1 Euro we can probably buy at least two guitars, so no need to hurt yourself financially. Thx in advance to all of us Pilgrims"

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